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Everything you must know before using social media marketing and facebook marketing.


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Facebook Marketing is becoming a major marketing platform. This type of marketing can increase sales by better qualified targeting and more qualified leads. Reaching the right audience is so important.
Every business should use Facebook and establish a social media presence online. Two billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family to discover things that matter. There are many different social media platforms that are popular today but you must understand you audience and who you are targeting. This will provide more exposure for your business and build credibility in your industry. This involves some engagement with your prospective clients and is also a great way to engage with current customers.
Facebook marketing is one of the most widely used strategies in social media. Businesses use it for various reasons but mainly to engage directly with customers. This helps establish business image in the minds of the prospective client and also allows you to get feedback regarding your product or services.
Benefits of Facebook
Increase quality of sales- great targeting methods
Adding more value – nurture customers and improve awareness.wikipedia
Industry –track and keep an eye on competition
Growth-improve your reach
Target marketing- Age, Demographics, income, etc…
Scheduling- can automate your campaign and content
Brand awareness- relevant
Cost effective- track and analyze
Is Facebook worth the investment?
In order to answer this question you must know what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve on Facebook. There is a lot of competition because it is a free platform. If you are going to get any rate of return it requires some time and effort to get it right or it is better to do nothing at all. We can develop a plan that makes sense in order to get the biggest return.

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