Five Steps To Effective Social Media Marketing on Facebook

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it ten times:  Your business, no matter how small, needs to take advantage of social media marketing.  You need to use the platforms that are available, and meet your customers and potential clients on their own turf.  Here are ten steps you can take to get your small business noticed.

Step One: Look at The Competition.

What is the competition doing?  What are other businesses that offer products or services that are similar to yours up to?  How do they use Facebook?  Don’t feel guilty – everyone spies on the competition!

Step Two: What Doesn’t Work?

Look at things that don’t seem to be working.  And by that, look at campaigns that seem to fall flat on their faces.  Some businesses don’t have many friends or fans – why could that be?

Step Three: Start With Pictures

You’re sure to see some amazingly successful social media marketing strategies at work when you visit Facebook.   One thing they all have in common is visual appeal.  Facebook is personal, and it’s a fast moving platform.  You want to use images that appeal to people, so they’ll be more likely to take a look at what you’ve got to offer.

Step Four: Keep it Updated  and Offer Incentives!

Say something! Comment on the weather – “Come into Mountaintop coffee – get out of the cold! Fans get a free cookie!” Comment on local sports, or mention a sale you’re having.  Whatever you do, don’t stop updating.

People want to know just one thing: “What’s in it for me? Why should I become your fan?”  Be a valuable source of information or keep them entertained.  Do a joke of the day.  Items of value don’t hve to cost you money!

Step Five:  Don’t Do It on Your Own!

You have better things to do then play on Facebook all day, so hire someone to handle it for you.  A company that specializes in social media marketing for small businesses can give you plenty of insight, plus manage all your newfound friends – allowing you to run your growing business.

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