Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead /pay per leads marketing

pay per leadsPay per lead get leads immediately with our pay per leads program! You no longer have to wait 4-6months for SEO to rank your website. Matrix Marketing Agency uses a different strategy than most to get you leads. We have fined tuned our process in order to get your business qualified leads.  We work to get you leads that you can close. If they are not quality leads you don’t pay for them. These leads are exclusive to you.

No start up, No commitment, No extra fees or Cancellation fees. We perform and are interested in long term relationships.

Our goal is to get you the most qualified leads as you can possibly handle. We advertise and use business intelligence software tools to get the data we need to make excellent choices.

How does pay per leads work?

We create landing page, video and add phone number and contact form. This allows us 2 ways to capture a lead. The phone number will be local number which we can track number of calls and weed out any bad leads or find out why sales team is not closing these highly qualified leads.

  • A lead under 30 seconds will not count as a lead. The caller must be interested in your product or service. It must be in your geographic area in order to count as a lead.
  • Missed calls when you are unavailable and client leaves a voice message is charged as a lead.
  • No minimum leads to buy you can try us out and cancel at anytime.
  • We research and give you price of leads before we start campaign.
  • We provide you with weekly reports.
  • Pay per leads is an excellent way to increase revenue and bring in consistent business.

Pay for performance

Search has gone mobile and thanks to smartphones and click to call campaigns many are responding to paid search ads. Everyone has a smartphone and most are searching right from there phone. Optimizing our mobile marketing campaign drives in more calls and conversions. Pay per lead is a must have strategy in your campaign. This is one of the best no brainer marketing investments you can make because these are hot leads calling on you. This type of marketing (pay per leads) eliminates the risk of SEO monthly retainers and long waits to rank. You only pay for conversions.



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