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marketing agencyMatrix Marketing Agency is a digital marketing agency that was created for small and large businesses. We help Small businesses that don’t have the budget for a marketing department but wants to compete and advertise online. New technology has allowed us to get the data we need in order to help you succeed with marketing online. Large companies who have an interest in growing or want even better results with their marketing campaigns.
Managing and running a business in no easy task these days. Our commitment and hard work to understanding your business and helping bring you in more revenue is our mission. We have the expertise and are familiar with new and changing marketing trends.

Are you still struggling with your marketing and online presence? Allow us to help you transform your business to new levels that increase your income.
Experienced with over 12 years of experience online with proven results. We create campaigns that have instant results that you can track such as Pay Per Click and Pay Per Call.

We can help with SEO but it definitely takes longer to see results. Our approach is to get you getting results as soon as possible so that you have money to add to other marketing platforms for future growth. We win if you win. Contact us for a free audit of your site or free consultation.

What is Lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of gathering a potential client’s information. The lead is put into some sort of funnel to remarket to or close them immediately while on the phone. Every lead will not be ready to buy but they will become a prospect in your database.

A lead for a Mortgage broker for example, may be a potential home buyer or homeowner looking for financing. In this industry this gives you another avenue to get leads by referring these leads to a realtor as well in exchange for referrals from them.

A successful and highly qualified lead by Matrix marketing Agency will allow you to capture name and email address. We go a step further and get them on the phone which increases your chance to close and increase your revenue. Our pay performance minimizes your risks and you only pay for each phone call. A trained sales team should be able to get more helpful information and allow you to build rapport.

How does it work?

Lead generation usually offers something of value in exchange for potential client’s information. The more information you request the harder it is to capture that lead. Most companies get name and email address to start the process. An example, you give away a free report about your product or service that benefits and is valuable to them. They give you name and email address to download the report.

This information is saved into your database and followed up with a phone call and/or emails. This is how most companies turn a cold lead into a warm lead. We take it further and get you a hot lead by getting them on the phone.

Why this works?

If we think about the buying process of our clients we can create a plan that works. We know they do their research even more today with technology. They are on their phones constantly searching and researching. We have to build trust and make the client want to work with us by nurturing them. We plant seeds water them and watch them grow. The larger the sale the more difficult it will be so we have to establish some sort of rapport and credibility. This will help increase revenue.

After we attract them to our website or landing page and initiate a lead. We need to move them along in the process so we increase our chance of closing them and making them our new client. Matrix Marketing Agency can make this happen.

Our Goal is to help you and your company

  • manage your marketing
  • Generate online leads
  • Mobile marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Reach a global or local audience
  • Target the right customers
  • convey your message clearly and effectively
  • Demonstrate your product and services
  • Linkedin

It definitely is a pleasure to work with someone who knows this stuff. Thanks for helping me increase my bottom line.

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Keep my money flowing. I almost want to keep it a secret. Thanks

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